One Circle Gardens Launches Pre-Order Campaign


(Mountain View, CA)—One Circle Gardens has recently announced the launch of their pre-order campaign. The company provides self-contained aquaponic and hydroponic urban food gardening units that are convenient, productive, and perfect for modern spaces. With a mission to ensure that everyone has access to what they need to live a healthy lifestyle, the company is now making their units available for pre-order at with a significant 60 percent discount through August 28th.

Ako Kitissou, the founder of One Circle Gardens, stated “Because our company is based in Mountain View, CA, our team is extremely passionate about healthy, holistic, and connected living. We have all seen first-hand the advantages that growing food at home can provide. The use of aquaponic and hydroponic technology brings with it the benefits of purity, flexibility, and sustainability, and our units make growing fresh, organic, non-GMO food year-round a hassle-free experience. Because we want to bring these benefits to as many people as possible, we’ve launched a pre-order campaign that allows customers to get one of our units at a deep discount. It is our hope that doing so will help people fit the cost of this revolutionary unit into their budget.”

At customers will be able to choose from one of three aquaponic or hydroponic garden models. The Hydro Unit with the Basic Package comes with everything that a person needs to begin growing their own fruits and vegetables in a controlled indoor environment.

Those who would like to upgrade to the Hydro Unit with the Standard Package will get the benefit of a mobile-enabled unit with a real time water and air-metering system built in. The Aqua Unit is an aquaponics-based garden that is designed for use in restaurants, schools. and corporate spaces and comes with an efficient under-gravel filter to avoid periodic tank cleanings.

As Kitissou goes on to say, “Our company operates with one mission in mind, which is to make growing clean food possible for anyone. With a One Circle Gardens unit, one doesn’t have to be a health nut or an avid hobby gardener to enjoy the health benefits of eating fresh vegetables. Instead, we want it to be as natural as grabbing a glass of water. We are excited to see people take advantage of the opportunity we have provided for them to save time and money and boost their health and wellness by growing their own food in our convenient and sustainable gardening units.”

Those who would like to learn more about One Circle Gardens or place an order for one of their indoor gardening units can log on to

About One Circle Gardens:

One Circle Gardens is on a mission to redefine food gardening for urban spaces. Their team wants everyone everywhere to maintain a sustainable and holistic healthy lifestyle. In order to achieve that goal, they provide self-contained aquaponic and hydroponic urban food gardening units that are convenient, productive, and just perfect for modern spaces. The system makes eating healthy, home-grown food a reality, saving people money, trips to the grocery store, gas, and inconvenience.


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Medical Care Problems Still Seen in America

Individuals frequently hear about the great health care system in America and why individuals visit the country to receive treatment, yet contemplate why it fails them again and again. People of the United States have accessibility to more medicines, better prevention solutions, a broader selection of treatment plans and better cures than any other time, and life-span levels continue to rise. Although the land overall has health issues, including weight problems, Americans usually lead healthier lives. For some, however, you can still find concerns that need to be remedied, as the dailykos details, and this is true for numerous nations across the globe. As an example, around Australia, the wealthiest twenty percent of the country tend to live half a dozen years greater than those who are in the bottom 20 %. The same is true of America, hence social standing inequality is not really truly a thing in history. It’s owing in part to a deficit in no cost or low-cost healthcare options of top quality, the dailykos continues on to say. The healthcare and biotechnology markets are recognized for their profiteering, and this also sets quality medical care out of the reach of some. Unfortunately, lots of people still are lacking in knowledge about preventing a lot of medical conditions from diseases passed on during sexual interactions to metabolic disorders. Boosting the schooling for everyone would go a long way to boosting the health and fitness of men and women in America. Poorer regions have to be focused on due to this, the dailykos reports. Working situations at the same time play a role in this problem, as lesser compensating careers are usually more physical and thus place far more stress on the entire body. Lastly, self-perpetuation is a problem, in that kids tend to follow in their parents’ footsteps, hence things do not improve over time. The dailykos explains a few of these problems are quicker to fix as opposed to others, yet all need to be tackled to see real progress in medical care in the USA. Awareness of the issue needs to increase initially, and that is what the site is aiming to accomplish, as the more who truly realize what is going on, the more who’ll be attempting to resolve the challenges witnessed in our health care system right now.

What No One Knows About Professionals

How Bariatric Surgery Can Offer Benefits For Your Health Conditions There are hospitals around the world that offer bariatric surgery as a way to treat patients suffering from the health condition known as obesity. As a matter of fact, medical societies and organizations have accounted some 500,000 people who have had this type of weight loss surgery between the years 2011 and 2013. Before considering to have this treatment because of its wide array of benefits, it is important for patients to first know some things about bariatric surgery. Bariatric Surgery Is One Of The Various Medical Processes To maximize the benefits of this process, patients have to be informed about the things they should do before and after the surgery. Requirements before the process is done to you depends on your physician and your current situation. Some of the requirements that people might be asked to do before the procedure is weight loss, physical exercises, proper diet and abstinence from smoking. Post-surgery, many patients will be asked to take in smaller amounts of healthier meals, take regular exercises and drink vitamins and minerals as supplements for the health and lifestyle adjustments. Some patients are required to join some discussion groups and small groups who share the same condition before and after the procedure. Since you have invested greatly on this procedure, discussion groups can help you go through each step also to enjoy the benefits of bariatric surgery.
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There Are Many Benefits From Bariatric Surgery
Smart Tips For Finding Resources
Weight loss is most touted and commonly publicized benefit of bariatric surgery but experts are keen on emphasizing that there are more benefits that just the simple weight loss. Bariatric surgery has physical and psychological benefits for the person such as protecting the person from risks from diabetes and sleep apnea and thereby, increasing the overall self-esteem and confidence when conversing in social gatherings. Unemployment or not being accepted to a job can also be addressed, thereby an decrease in stress, worrying problems and depression. While it is true that patients can feel risks with the procedure, the benefits and the good results outweigh these aspects when patients take this procedure. Weight Loss Surgery Is Specialized It is true that the benefits of bariatric surgery has appealing factor for most people dealing with weight-related health conditions, but it is also a fact that the surgery cannot be undertaken by just anyone. Qualified candidates to the procedure are those that exceed the normal weight, suffer from health conditions such as hypertension that need some medical assistance, and have tried ways to lose weight but did not succeed. Be sure to consult with the doctor before trying this out.

The Path To Finding Better Remedies

Getting Information on Anxiety It’s horrible to experience anxiety because it can ruin your life like it has to many other people’s in the lives, in so many ways. People need to be more aware about these diseases and the various forms that it has. Anxiety and afflict people who have no idea how to control certain aspects in their lives and feel as though they are trapped. Being Aware of the Symptoms Learning about the definition of this particular condition will make your realize that it’s actually not that bad. If you experience things that heighten your emotion then it is only natural for the body to respond to it according to what your mind dictates. You will feel uncomfortable in the various manifestations of this sort of condition. What’s causing you to feel like this is the hormone known as adrenaline. You won’t have to worry about stressful situations when it comes to these matters.
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When Does It Start to Become Difficult?
The Essential Laws of Options Explained
While feeling anxious is basically normal in some situations, it becomes an issue when you are feeling it for absolutely no reason at all. There are times when the attacks can be intense and it will ruin your everyday life in so many ways. You cannot allow this condition to ruin the way you want to live life. When you can no longer sleep normally because of this, it becomes a huge problem in a lot of ways. You don’t want it to get to the point when it becomes psychological. How Can You Tell If You Have Psychological Anxiety? A person with this condition has the following characteristics as much as possible: A person who has this condition will definitely be tossing and turning in bed all the time. A person can feel anxious even in the calmest situations as well. Almost everything irritates you and you don’t want to be around people. A person will tired easily because of loss of energy from feeling too much. One cannot concentrate when he is plagued with such a disease. Sometimes it reaches the point where people think they are going crazy. You will withdraw from everything in your life. You will always find the worst in the most simple problem with this condition. You will become more emotional and struggle with everything that is going on as well. These disorders will eventually lead to depression for some people. A shrink would be able to help you with these issues in so many ways so go see them immediately.

Where To Start with Products and More

Some Tips On Beard Growth And Maintenance Are you that type of person that appreciate when some guys have amazing beards on them? There are moments when this kind of fancy for beards is becoming a source for jealousy, especially among the men. People who are friends with those who sport these types of beards know that their friends spending a lot of time trying to groom their beards. Experts advise that there are a lot to learn when it comes to beard growth and maintenance if you follow some simple beard growth and maintenance trips, where you can possibly have the best beards in your entire life. Monitor Your Diet Since your body requires to acquire some vitamins and minerals to keep it at its optimum level, it only makes sense these same requirement for the right nutrition is also necessary for the beards. Like what happens in the hair on your head, undergoing into beard care and maintenance, as well as beard growth will require to you to take utmost care since the skin tends to turn flaky and the hair to look dry, especially on instances when the beard hair gets dandruff along the way. One of the major solutions to combat these problems in taking in the right nutrition to help keep your beard hair moisturized all the time, as well as the entire skin underneath.
A 10-Point Plan for Products (Without Being Overwhelmed)
Taking Supplements For Beard Growth And Maintenance
A Beginners Guide To Products
Like what people tell us, not all can be able to take in the healthiest of diets every day. For these reasons, people might not be obtaining the right kind of nutrition that their beards also need to grow adequately. Specialists advise that people can choose to take in multivitamins and the other supplements that contain vitamins and minerals to facilitate the right approach and supplement the food they eat every day during meals. One example of an effective food supplement is biotin that can assist and facilitate good beard growth in the quickest time possible, and this can also aid in the proper growth of nails so be sure to keep nail cutters close to you. Increasing Hormone Levels With Beard Growth Experts suggest that testosterone growth is related to beard growth. Luckily, men can facilitate good beard growth easily because there are many ways available to increase your testosterone levels. Learn the easiest way to increase testosterone levels by lifting a few weights in your fitness center. Hit the gym and lift some of these weights. Cardio exercises that are not limited to dancing and running can also make your testosterone levels to go up, as needed for beard growth.

Lessons Learned About Products

The Most Effective Steps to Choose a Skin Care Product Line Despite the situation and basis, it is healthy for people to understand and care for their skins at all costs. One thing that you need to understand right from the start is the fact that skin is different from one individual to another. Information on the differences that exist on skin types will allow you to know that a given product that is working properly for one individual may not have the same results on you. In addition to the thousands of skin care products that already exist, your unique skin problem usually adds to the challenge of choosing one product. The specific nature of most skin issues requires individuals to select a product based on the existing problem. It is through identifying your problem that you can choose the most appropriate product to address the same. Skin products made to address specific problems are most suited for the same instead of their general counterparts. When using a well-known product and other problems start developing, rectifying the issue will take a short time. Although a considerable number of people prefer over-the-counter products, opting to consult an expert is an important step. The most important experts that should comment about the steps to undertake in case of a skin problem are dermatologists and esthecians. In receiving consultation services from a qualified dermatologist, you will manage to know what effective skin products are good for you. Through proper skin analysis that dermatologists can undertake, these professionals can help you know detailed information about your skin type and the products it can work with.
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Visiting a dermatologist for consultation can also act as the best opportunity to analyze your skin. Based on the recommended values, the mentioned expert can determine whether you have a dry or oily skin. At this point, it should be easy to know that your skin complexion plays part on what skin product will work best for you. The best approach for sensitive skins is avoiding products that will irritate it or those that have pronounced side effects.
What Do You Know About Skincare
For as much as you have considered the effective steps recommended above, your budget can limit you on what products to acquire. If you have to use a specific product, buying it is inevitable despite its cost. Buying several products will add another dynamic in the sense that you have to confirm they will effectively work together. Wrong product combinations usually lead to extensive skin problems. Adhering to professional advice is an important thing since it helps people get rid of their skin concerns just after few days or weeks. A person should seek immediate medical attention if he notes no change or a worsening situation. The number of skin problems that escalate to serious proportions are less in number compared to those that have solutions.

5 Uses For Resources

The Power of Brain Supplements Among the many products coming out nowadays, you probably heard about brain supplements too and what it can do for your brain. With the power of the internet and the usual store, this supplement can be easily bought just like the other supplements. In the past years, brain health supplements have made its mark in the health world. Most health supplements focus on the body which are for weight loss, detox, body building, colon cleansing and so on, and it is only later that we realize the fact that our brain too need to be taken care of. Our fast lifestyle and sometimes not a clean environment, have tired us easily, our concentration becomes poor, and we become forgetful in our office work and home matters. It could be high time now to take those brain enhancers, vitamins for memory, brain boosters, and other vitamins for our memory.
What Do You Know About Sales
Some brain health supplements may not work for others, but there are some users who can attest that they got benefits from the supplements like increased concentration, improved memory and the feeling of happiness and confidence.
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Aside from taking care of our body by exercising and proper diet, if our works involve some tedious brain wracking thinking, then it is about time that we also take care of our brain by taking brain health supplement. Sometimes, with the many brands of brain supplements out there in the market, we cannot decide on which brain supplement to take. Considered as the most commonly taken among the brain enhancers today, is a derivative that is the oldest of all artificial nootropics. This derivative was first used in the 70’s for clinical purposes, from treating alcoholism and schizophrenia, to other cognitive impairments. This derivative has an interesting effect even on healthy people. These effects are enumerated as improved memory functioning, improved learning, lower depression, and even inhibiting the aging process of brain. Another great effect of this derivative is that it lowers the damaging effect of alcohol and with no negative side effects shown.. For those not getting any younger, be aware that as you get older, your brain cells die, and that is why it is important to protect your brain from diseases like Alzheimer’s. Growing children will benefit a lot also in taking healthy brain supplements, as this supplement is not only for the older people. It is known that children with healthy brain does well in school and in their social life because of they are fully alert, their cognitive awareness has improved, they have great coordination, and their learning ability is above average. Healthy brain supplements can also be beneficial to pregnant mothers since the supplement will help develop a healthy fetus. Supplements for healthy brain can be obtained by taking fish oil at its best and purest form. Pure fish oil with high concentration of DHA and EPA will help your family live longer and healthier.

At What Point Does a Habit Become an Addiction?

Presently there often is what can be a thin line involving actions that are viewed as socially acceptable, as well as many that aren’t. By way of example, there are numerous situations at which it is cute and amusing to say a rather sarcastic comment in the actual company of other folks regarding people who are there. So long as the person regarding whom the statement concerned knows that the statement was intended as a teasing one, and not unkindly meant, pretty much all is well. However, any time a person consistently makes sardonic statements regarding some other plus does not know when it is time to halt, the custom has strayed within the area regarding exploitation. (You can find many examples provided this link.)

This is also true regarding things such as interpersonal drinking, gaming plus shopping. Everybody likes buying from time to time. Lots of people journey to casinos each and every year to try their particular hand in the slot machine games, or even the blackjack table, shelling out their particular assigned amount of cash and not any more. A much greater range of people enjoy a drink together with close friends from time to time, but they’re definitely not on this page, the one that has these people enjoying excessively, at least not at first. Sometimes, with a number of men and women, generally there comes a moment in time at which an undetectable point of no return will be crossed. They shift from the world regarding what is OK to one branded “addiction.” At this stage, the real question modifies. It isn’t any longer whether an individual has a difficulty, but now, what to do concerning it.

The quicker that someone faces up to the fact that they truly have a difficulty, the better off they will be. They may be wise to take time to read here about addiction, as well as to look for support whenever they desire it. Addictions are certainly not like experiencing a cold or flu: they just do not resolve automatically. Some individuals will be able to gain help get help via a assistance group, counseling, or perhaps a12-step method. Other people will surely have to look into an in-house rehabilitation program. (Discover rehab info here if needed.) A number of addictions happen to be tougher to beat than others. Some people tend to have personalities which are habit prone compared to others. An addict’s best hope of true recovery and freedom from dependency is normally discovered inside working with a person or perhaps program which has proven results in genuinely helping addicts before.

There Are Substantial Repercussions of Smoking on Your Dental Health

There’s no question that smoking cigarettes plus the use of some other tobacco items are bad pertaining to your health. The health alerts are certainly acknowledged right now rather than just on the packages. Smoking is in charge of carcinoma of the lung coming from true cigarette smoking and also as a result of second hand smoke. Cigarettes might cause bladder cancer too. Less popular of this awful habit is the fact it leads to multiple varieties of vocal ailments. This consists of throat cancers. Smoking that is accountable for the discoloring of the of teeth, fungus bacterial infections and even smelly breath. If you are actually influenced to light up a e cigarette, bare in mind that absolutely no one wishes to hug an ashtray.

Dental practitioners have already been warning their clients against cigarette smoking for quite some time. Though it may be very important to visit your dental professional consistently, it can be more very important to have a cigarette smoker to see the dental practice. The dangers with regards to smoking, chewing, and people who smoke a pipe have proven to be positioning their mouth at risk each and every draw, chew and even puff. Dental Hygienists warn continuously regarding the gingivitis of which tobacco products result in plus the effects on the salivary glands, palate and also lips. One can possibly check over here to learn more regarding the dangers of using tobacco.

A weblink with this content will certainly demonstrate to your average man or woman the hazards pertaining to cigarette smoking. Hoping that one definitely will listen to their particular assistance, they convey all the maladies which usually smoking along with other tobacco products result in. A dentist provider will contain a total understanding with regards to the difficulty folks have in quitting the horrible practice pertaining to cigarette smoking. Many people will require some sort of guidance. You should not miss his comment is here about methods to stop the effects of cigarette smoking on your own oral cavity. Luckily, quitting cigarette smoking things can have an instantaneous impact on your personal wellness. Dental consultants have only your best interest in mind. They want to educate you on how to best care for the mouth. Should you or possibly a family member uses just about any cigarette items, make sure you go to the dentist consistently to see any harmful outcome as soon as possible. Do yourself, your loved ones, and all sorts of you will are exposed to, a favor and quit cigarettes.

Technology in Dentistry: Here’s What’s Innovative

It seems like as if there is no end to all the various ways that modern technological know-how is positioned to truly alter our own lives. We have now gone from possessing smart children to owning sensible dwellings, vehicles and today, toothbrushes. As an alternative to telling their particular wise kids to brush his or her teeth for a time period of two minutes, they can simply give them a new toothbrush designed to routinely scrub for that preferred length of time – plus do a considerably more thorough job as compared to the kid could ever have completed. Possessing a toothbrush that uses a timer, nevertheless, is definitely far from the most exciting improvement to be visible on your dentistry future skyline. Please read here for more information online at this page.

Additional inventions likely to be making a great appearance at your dentist’s clinic soon include things like things such as custom-made teeth via a printer! They’ll be produced from items that are bacteria killing inherently, signifying that they’ll not have the type of microbes that decay teeth, which makes them much better for your encompassing teeth in comparison to the ones with which you happened to be born. In the foreseeable future, lasers will fill teeth and give brightening therapies. Ozone will kill microbes and prevent tooth damage. Cameras placed down inside the mouth will give dental practitioners a much better picture of what’s taking place in that mouth than they’ve ever before experienced in the past. Modern x-ray techniques make use of digital technological know-how and far less radiation. Smile – technology is surely helping you!